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About us

Bee Quick Express is an Egyptian company runs the business of shipping since October 2013.
Bee Quick’s team is smart youth look in a very good shape and well educated. Most of our team can speak and understand English.

we believe that we must preserve our planet and keep it from pollution and there are many ways to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

we believe that environmental protection and business success are not just compatible, they are closely interlinked. instead of moving all of us and going to the same places to finish some matter someone else can do on behalf of us, leave to us and we will do all that instead of you so keep your power, your oil and your efforts.
- We guarantee to deliver your package as you left to us.
- We guarantee the privacy of your package and shipment.
- We guarantee the privacy of your clients.
- We guarantee to get your money back as soon as possible in the service of COD (cash on delivery)

-We guarantee to collect your money from your clients to you .

our strategy

-To help the country to save the power like oil and also to help in the matter of traffic.

-To depend on solving your problems and mistakes that you faced with other companies like the manners and the behaviors of the couriers with the clients, also the delaying of order.

-To build also on the clients’s opinions so please feel free to call us for any requires and complains to help us for improving our service to offer you the best service. 

our vision

To be in the middle of Cairo and to be very close to you at any where and we have a good plan will lead and help us to achive that goal.
Bee Quick Express’s teams goes around all great Cairo instead of.
We are happy to offer a good service.

our goal

to be in the  middle of the biggest and the most famouse couriers company .

to reach to all people by  our new branches